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We work closely with our customers to establish any specifications beyond critical dimensions, packaging requirements, etc. After the customer approves the first-run sample lot, our QC Department does a complete layout on the first piece of each part run. Every employee at J. W. Reichel is trained to look at each part aesthetically - fill, finish, logos, cores, etc. Each employee is empowered to put a hold on parts and bring anything questionable to a QC manager. Customers' parts are not only monitored at set intervals by QC personnel, but because we are small and each employee has on-going training, parts are visually inspected at each process - die cast, trim, drill, tap, deburring, pack, etc. by each employee. A last piece sample is also inspected and saved. If our QC Department notices any changes in the part dimensionally or aesthetically, such as core size change, excess flash, any piece out of die, not trimming closely, a "Corrective Action Request" is placed on the tooling and/or trim die. Corrections are made before the part is run again. Our QC Department maintains a running chart on each part, and can also do SPC charts per out customers' requirements.

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